About us

Europe Lacrosse Company was created in 2011 by two Lacrosse-addict guys.

Our goal is to provide you the best products at the best price in Europe !

Heads, shafts, protection,... everything !

Now, our list of products is getting longer as we can offer you quality team apparel at low prices.

Involved in more than a shop

we believe that the business in Lacrosse has to take care of the growth of the sport !

That's why we are also players and managers of Lacrosse in our country.

In love with Box Lacrosse

As players and spectators, we love Box Lacrosse. For us, it's the reason why we have a Box Lacrosse section on our catalog. We want european players to get equipment at fair prices from Europe.

Enjoy browsing and purchasing on our website !

if you have any suggestion or question, feel free to contact us